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Pam was born in Jacksonville, Florida and has always called the south “home”. In 1993, she received her degree in art from the University of Alabama Birmingham. As a seasoned and prolific artist, her artwork has been featured on calendars, magazine covers, and posters with wide recognition.

Pam has done many solo and group exhibitions and received numerous awards. She explores a broad range of styles from traditional to abstract expressionism and has been commissioned for many personal pieces. Her artwork now resides in areas across the United States and abroad.

In 2005, Pam traveled with the University of South Florida’s study abroad program to Paris, France and Venice, Italy. She had the privilege of studying fine art and painting with a French artist. That unforgettable experience has influenced much of her artwork to this day.

Pam also conducts art camps and workshops and teaches private and group lessons in Tampa, FL where she now resides with her husband, Steve. They have four beautiful grandchildren. Pam and Steve have traveled extensively and these opportunities have given her a greater perspective of humanity and a broader world view.

Creative use of color and technique combine in Pam’s art to produce strong visual expressions of everyday objects and life experiences. She strives to bring the natural world and ideas to the canvas in a way that will give the viewer an opportunity for reflection, consideration, and enjoyment. Pam explores a broad range of styles from the whimsical to the traditional, but each painting also brings an expression of her inner emotion and passion for life.

“The canvas is an extension from within, where I strive to convey the natural world and its ideas in a way that creates reflection, consideration, and enjoyment. Everyday objects and life experiences are reflected in my works of art as symbols of humanity’s individuality and commonality.”

If my work evokes a unique interpretive response within each viewer,

I have succeeded as an artist.



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